About Us ?

The history of Maritime Overseas intertwines with the journey of its president, Mr. Yves Teruin. After years with a French group, Mr. Teruin ventured into Africa to establish a transportation business in the Republic of Congo, centered in Pointe-Noire. This led to the inception of Express-Afrique in 1982, catering to the oil industry's needs across the Congolese territory and neighboring Cabinda.

Building on this experience and a thorough understanding of transport complexities in the region, Ocean Express was founded in 1996. It provided specialized maritime services tailored to the requirements of oil and industrial operators in the Gulf of Guinea, accompanied by supplementary services such as maritime agency, crew assistance, and logistics solutions. Subsequently, to enhance organizational efficiency, Maritime Overseas was created, focusing solely on maritime transport and international multimodal freight. Today, headquartered in Mauritius, Maritime Overseas operates extensively from Pointe-Noire with subsidiaries in Romania, Ghana, Senegal, and Mauritania, ensuring top-tier services like the Africa Coastal Express, extending its reach from Luanda to Abidjan and beyond upon request. With a strong team spirit, the group continually seeks innovative methods to enhance operations, reflecting its commitment to client satisfaction and excellence in coastal maritime endeavors.

Our Partner

Ocean Express


Ocean Express (as an agent only) in Pointe Noire, Republic of Congo, offers several services such as customs broker, maritime agent, and logistical solutions to meet the specific needs of its clients. In 2022, the merger and absorption of Express Afrique allowed Ocean Express to continue expanding its operations, particularly in road transport, lifting, and handling, to cater to the needs of the oil and gas industry across the Congolese territory.

Customer Testimonials

"With Maritime Overseas, it's been a partnership that has lasted for several years. A professional team dedicated to customer satisfaction. The reliable and honest schedule of M/V OYA 1 has always assisted us in planning our operations in the many destinations it serves. We hope to continue relying on Maritime Overseas' excellent quality of service in our future joint operations."
EXPRO – Sub Saharan AfricaRegion Logistics Supervisor
"Maritime Overseas, with its roots in Pointe Noire, Congo, has been our partner and trusted agent for the West Africa region for over 8 years.

We have never encountered any issues with this reputable organization, and furthermore, they have a very quick turnaround time to address all our requests.

We highly recommend this organization to anyone seeking a reliable partner in Africa for transportation, customs clearance, warehousing, and ship handling for virtually all industries."
Lamberigts & Van Daelen General Manager
"Maritime Overseas with the vessel Oya-1 has become an essential logistical solution for the oil fields of West Africa.

Their unique combination of assets, flexibility, and customer service in a very challenging logistics market continues to contribute to providing service levels that may not be achieved with other regular services.

The size of their vessel and their ability to quickly respond to their clients' demands enable Maritime Overseas to offer a unique regular service that can move at the speed of business."
Halliburton Logistics Manager